Wavestation Tables for Vital

Would anyone be interested in some FREE Korg Wavestation wavesequences for Vital?
I also have Korg Legacy edition software and could convert some Poly six & MS20 sounds into wavetables for Vital.

Personally, I’d be VERY interested. However, as this would presumably require an enormous breach of copyright on your part, you might be better to not post them on this site. Or at least not advertise them as blatantly copyright-breaching wavetables.

best thing to do is to do it for yourself and if you like the samples you recorded, then put them into a sample set and look into the legalities of distributing them. I’ve seen sample sets made of every synth imaginable and they sell them openly, but i don’t think you are talking about just ripping the PCM directly and uploading here. Just make them if you want them yourself, then research the laws about selling or otherwise distributing them, then maybe put them on Gum Road or something.

Yes, I agree.
I’d have to edit them and just share/sell them as generic wavetables.
I was thinking about buying the all new Korg Wavestate, which is a much enhanced version 2 of the wavestation with longer samples and much more.

However, Vital offers the ability to create wavetables so easily and it would be relatively easy to recreate some of the famous wavestation sounds from within Vital without using any Korg samples.

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The drawbacks of the original wavestation were limited bandwidth and short samples.
Also, it was not possible to play any of the waves backwards.
However, it was such a unique synth and had a character all its own.

I could just use the famous wavestation sounds as inspiration and recreate them using other samples I will not disclose the origin of?!?!?!

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sounds like a plan :slight_smile:

Sounds really good!
I would super interested in hearing them once you have them done.