Wavemorph: 250 wavetables + 64 single cycle waveforms


I’ve released Wavemorph , a collection of wavetables and single cycle waveforms for synths like Vital, Serum, Hive, Pigments etc.


  • 250 wavetables in .wav and .vitaltable format
  • 64 single cycle waveforms

There is a free pack that contains 50 wavetables and is available at Sound Flux

Currently available at intro offer for $15 instead of $25.

Learn more at https://www.spektralisk.com/products/wavemorph

Video Preview



When someone says free I look for a .vitalbank or .vital file download link and not an email signup.


I understand. This is the model I chose however as I’m releasing this freebies each month and I need consistent and convenient method of delivery and communication with the users + the ability to promote may other stuff as well.

You can always subscribe, grab stuff and unsubscribe.

Intro offer extended until 11th October.

Available for $15 -> https://www.spektralisk.com/products/wavemorph

Wavemorph is now available for 50% off at Loot Audio until the end of July