Waveform Generator (Windows only)

Last year I released a freeware (Windows only) program for generating single-cycle waveforms, and august this year I updated it to version 1.3, and now the program is also able to generate wave-tables. If anyone are interested, use the link below. At the site there are link to a number of tutorial videos and the installer comes bundled with a +200 page (PDF) manual.



Wow! This is really nice, thanks for sharing! Really powerful tool with endless capabilties.
Question: What template parameters can we use to export a Vital “conform” WT. I tried with 256 samples 44.1Khz 16 bit mono, but it seems not to import it correctly into Vital. Any ideas?

Cheers, Ron

Glad to hear you like it Ron. Simply export with 2048 samples should do the trick

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Thanks for the program!! Really helps with making Formulaic wavetables!