Waveform 11 Pro

I have several DAWs that I play around with, been using Vital on Studio One 5 mostly. I wanted to try it on Waveform 11 Pro but it does not appear compatible it will load OK but beyond that it doesn’t work. The same thing with HELM. Is there a fix so that I can use it on Waveform?

what OS?

Windows 10

Weird…I’m running Waveform 11 Free on Win10 and Vital works just fine in it. Helm, too. Using Vital 1.0.3 and Helm 0.9.0 on Waveform 11.1.0

It must be something that I’m doing wrong. I might have the .dll file in the wrong place.

Hmm, I’m only running the VST3 from c:\program files\common files\VST3 in Tracktion and not the VST2 from c:\program files\steinberg\VSTPlugins. I went through and deleted all of the VST2 files from my system that had a matching VST3 so I didn’t have dupes in Tracktion. All of them seem to work that way, though.

I just loaded up both Vital and Helm in Tracktion as VST3s in a test project and didn’t have an issue with either one. Maybe it’d be worth uninstalling Vital, then installing as only the Standalone and VST3 and see if that makes a difference for you?