Wanted: aftertouch mode "last" (like in cherryaudio gx-80)

i just played with the new cherryaudio gx-80
it has an aftertouch mode called “last”

that is, that only the last played note is reacting to aftertouch (channelpressure)
kind of pseudo-poly-AT
imho this is quite cool…sounds very musical…love it

for example:
left hand playing chords, right hand melody
and only the righthand melody reacts to aftertouch

i’d like to have this in vital :slight_smile:

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are you talking about this for live usage?

yes…and…actually: no
not exclusively

i am thinking about for general usage

the instrument, aka vital, has to support such a mode
and i have found it super cool in gx-80
so yes: live, but also recording, all instances of playing the instrument - vital, that is…