Waldorf Stlye Filter Panning

One of my favourite features in Waldorf’s largo vst is the ability to apply panning to the filters. For example, pan a comb-filter one way, and a low pass another way, each have their own drive settings, and I can even add movement with an LFO on the pan.

It lets me create some unique textures and motions I haven’t been able to create on other synths. It allows for more creative ways to create width than just stereo unison.

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You mean stereo modulating the filters?
Everything in Vital is stereo modulateable. Modulate anything with an LFO and tweak its “Stereo” knob.

Maybe you mean panning the output though. Don’t have a way to do that currently.

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Yes, I was referring to panning of the output of each fitler separately.
But it looks like I could get what I’m looking for with the stereo modulation, I’ll experiment with it.