Waiting list for MY FREE PRESETS

Thanks for your patience!

In the aftermath of the devastating Pandemic in which i suppose half the world’s population has unfortunately died from, God rest their souls, I’ve decided to keep the faith anyway so I’ll be putting together some Synth presets that I will be sharing for FREE. You heard it right. I just need all of you to follow my Soundcloud and subscribe to my Youtube, Patreon (even a dollar,) Instagram’s a bonus (x10 @ mentions required) and then when I get enough followers and other various promotion taken care of for my internet girlfriend’s skinny tea business, I will then without delay be sending out FREE SYNTH PRESETS to five (5) entire registered subscribers with verified government ID, who are randomly selected. Any Cryptocurrency donors will be factored into the weight of the randomness algorithm, so don’t be stingy.

But for now, please be patient, give your knuckles a crack, put your fingers in the home position, and get ready to join the waiting list because although a whopping 5 of you will make it to the final stage and receive your FREE presets by yours truly, I can assure you that it will be well worth my wait. Stay positive in your mindset and you’ll have even better chances of being selected to win. If you enjoy the benefits of Skinny Tea then you’ll love subscribing to my waiting list.

Thanks in advance, and congratulations in advance to five of you, because you’re one step closer to attaining my FREE preset pack! (Demo sounds will be available once I’ve started making the presets. Offer probably not valid in California)


I see that you’re joking but just in case you’re not lots of people are sharing their free presets here by the hundreds without asking for anything in return. Also probably a bit too soon for jokes about the pandemic.

I thought it was pretty funny (and I gave away a bank of 95 presets, no registration required). I’m always amazed when somebody offers 1 preset or 5 presets in exchange for jumping through a bunch of hoops. The odds that any one preset is useful to an individual is miniscule. People are either desperate for YouTube subscribers, or they have a greatly exaggerated sense of the value of their sound design.

Even with all the brilliant sound designers who contributed to the Vital Pro presets, I probably only favorited about 30-40. If you have a particular style of production, you can tell right away what is going to work for you and what won’t.


what’s funny about 3.3 billion people dying of the pandemic over the past year? I don’t see any humor in that.

Again not funny dude. Need proof? Ask anyone who lost a loved one to the virus.