VST3 version of Vital UI doesn't load when lots of instances are in project

I have a specific project where I have 26 instances of Vital (VST3 version) running in an Ableton instrument rack, all using the text-to-wavetable function to create a bunch of phrases and sentences throughout a song. Everything was working fine for a couple days until today when I opened the project file to work on it and noticed that when I open any of the instances of Vital, the UI won’t load. All instances still produce sound and their settings/automations still work, I just can’t see the UI anymore to tweak anything manually, it’s just a big white window instead. This happens regardless if I open an existing Vital instance in the same instrument rack or if it’s a brand new Vital VST3 instance I just created in this session within the instrument rack or in a different MIDI track. Weird thing is I didn’t do any software updates or anything since it was working to now.

After troubleshooting a bit I noticed that if I try loading up a VST2 instance of Vital, the UI loads and functions normally, so I’m guessing it must be something weird having to do with using a lot of VST3 instances in a project or in a single Ableton Instrument Rack. I can work around this by using VST2, but figured I’d submit the bug report in case this is new. I imagine most people probably aren’t going this crazy with the TTWT feature (which is great) and/or adding that many instances into an instrument rack.

Technical specs:

  • Vital v1.0.7
  • Ableton 10 Suite v10.1.42
  • Windows 10 v21H2
  • CPU: Intel i7-4790K @ 4 GHz
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 2GB; NVIDIA Studio Driver v512.59
  • RAM: 16GB