VST-VST3 Plug-in MAX/MSP Cycling VST~ object

I like Vital very much, But When I use It in Ableton Live the plug-in doesn’t have a menu like as Helm plug-in.
Vital : It isn’t possible to chose a name just when you ask a number.
In other side, I use Helm and Vital with MAX/MSP ans VST~ objet. How is possible to read a preset name from the message?

Yeah vital does not display presets via drop-down menu as Helm when used in hosts that support it , so I guess max/msp can also not retrieve any preset Infos from the synth. There is currently no way to change presets externally (also not via midi). DAWs and some other hosts (like Element) support state saving of the plugin, and you can recall those states by midi program changes. But it is messy since those states are not part of Vital…

Matt, the dev of Vital is hesitant to adding Midi PC messages to Vital, since some DAWs do some funky stuff with it.

Whether a softsynth should actually take care of DAWs faulty implementations is open for discussion I guess, i would be VERY glad to have externally available presets in Vital.

Thanks !