Vote [Feature Request] Multi-Instance Synchonization Option

I would like an option to automagically synchronize user created and saved presets between VITAL instances on different machines, much the same as the option with most web browsers. Currently, I manually copy purchased and custom preset libraries from my workstation to my mobile rig, but am currently working on an automated system with Syncthing, a Free.Open-Source program that continuously synchronizes files between two or more computers in real time.

Can’t you use like any cloud service for that? Just soft link Vital’s data folder to local cloud folder and move all the stuff there or edit the config file.

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That lacks granularity and automation, hence the reason closed source hardware and software solutions have existed since the 1990s for data centers, offices, labs, and unique applications like this. OneDrive, Google Drive, and several others have generalized consumer drive synch applications, but most people find them to be clumsy, blunt instruments.