Volume spikes / clicks between overlapping notes when set to one voice

Hello, I’d like to report an issue that’s been bugging me for quite a long time…

When I set the polyphony to 1 (without enabling legato), some really annoying clicks start to appear when playing overlapping or immediately adjacent (perfectly aligned to the grid) notes. This does not happen when the first note is released before the next one begins.

For instance, I loaded the default preset and set the attack and release to 0. Here’s the MIDI and resulting waveform:

Notice the spikes between the notes. They’re about 40-50 ms long. In monophonic mode, you would expect new notes to instantly kill the previous one, right? Instead, it seems a short release is forcefully applied to each note, causing the click.

I know Matt is probably super busy, but if this could get fixed I’d enjoy this synth a lot more.

It’s normal that the default env caused a click at the start of a note when it’s short enough. I recommend an attack around 5-7ms to remove the click.

the click is caused by where the waveform starts and ends in its phase cycle I’m pretty sure - this happens in most synths.

Also you should be able to set the voicing mode between kill or like round Robin, have you check that under advanced? It may also change the behaviour.
Hope this helps!

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I understand that short envelope times inevitably cause clicks. That’s not what I was talking about, however. I admit that maybe using the word “click” was a bit misleading (to be fair, I used it so others could find this topic more easily). What I meant to point out is those annoying peaks in between notes.

Anyway, I tried setting the voicing to Steal (default is Kill) and apparently it solved the problem, thanks!

Yes I didn’t want to go into a long post of note priority/voicing stuff but I believe it’s because kill still requires a release tail to the note, unless I’m misremembering haha. Glad to hear steal might resolve this! I haven’t experimented much with voicing in Vital, I just know it comes up every once in a while with mono and especially bass sounds (like if you want a fast 16th note bass for say techno or psytrance the voicing mode starts to matter more)

Anyway I digress, glad you solved it!

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