Vocoder and Osc

Hi there, i needed to know how to play one oscillator at the time in vocoder send out diffrent phrazes on each one, if there is a way to do it.
Or a tutorial that explain how to use the vocoder on sending out each phraze of vocoder at key press.
Anyone can help me on this.

I’ve built this to illustrate one way you can use mod remap (in the mod matrix) to assign one octave of the keyboard to one oscillator, and another octave to a second oscillator.
Hope this helps:
Split keyboard example.vital (208.8 KB)

(N.B. the patch is playable for two octaves only)

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Thanks i have checked this one and i go to check yours later on.

One Osc 3 words phraze.vital (256.2 KB)

Great - this looks like what you’re after.