Vocode and Formant Scale


I use Vital to modulate voice samples and get really impressive by its powerful formant shifting features. However, I do not fully understand how various methods work and what differences they have. For example, what is the algorithm of Vocode and Formant Scale in the oscillator modulation knob? I tried to read source codes but I am not familiar with C++ audio programming and cannot understand them. Are there any reference books or articles introducing these algorithms?


I’d suggest looking up Spectral Morphing on YouTube - there are lots of tutorials explaining the differences between the available modes and how you might use them.


The best way to understand the spectral warping is to look at the spectral wavetable view (Click on 2D in the bottom left twice).

Vocode and Formant do the same technique of moving a timbre’s formants up and down in pitch. The difference is that Vocode is keytracked so keeps the timbre’s formants in the same place no matter what note you’re playing. Formant is not keytracked but has a wider formant shifting range.