Vital's CPU usage in cakewalk vs in studio one

Been using Cakewalk when I first used Vital and I found Vital to use so much CPU that I found my CPU crying with just one instance of Vital with complex patches. As much as I loved Vital, I could only use it sparingly and I find it hard to get inspired to use it with such limitation.

Then, I made a switch to Studio One Artist. And WTH? Vital used much less DSP and I can now layer multiple instances of Vital supersaws for those fat modulated chords, then another for the reese bass and one more for pads.

I wonder why this is so? :thinking:

I think that has to do with the DAW and the patches you are putting into vital.
DAW’s like LMMS can handle maybe 1-4 instances of Vital because they’re not well optimized,
Something like Reaper, which is much more optimized can handle a lot more. I’m not sure about why cakewalk is struggling, I haven’t used it much, but it seems to be a pretty capable DAW.

As for the patches, the more complex, the more CPU it will take up. You can decrease base CPU usage by setting the oversampling (in advanced tab) to 1x Draft

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In Cakewalk I assume you have “Use Multiprocessing Engine” selected in “Preferences>Playback and Recording”? You can also try “Plugin Load Balancing” right below to see if that helps.

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Yes bro, I always have these enabled in Cakewalk. I’m still planning to use Cakewalk for mastering because I think it has better and more flexible mixdown algos (dither, etc.) than Studio One.