Vitalbanks not loading

When I select “Import Bank” from the drop down menu and select a vitalbank, nothing happens and my presets are not there, even when I search for them.

Which vitalbanks are you installing? One’s from your account?

No ones I’ve downloaded. It has the .vitalbank suffix though…

Presets need to be in a Presets folder. You can rename the .vitalbank to a .zip file and unzip it to see if they put the files in the right place

So the name of the containing folder has to be presets? What if it’s a .vitalbank?

vitalbanks are zip files. they have folders and files in them.

Yes I know. My folder is located at: Users/“Your name here”/Music/Vital and the folder is there. are you saying that the name of the folder they’re contained in has to be called “Presets”? And I originally created a .vitalbank file out of a .zip file the contained the presets. Shouldn’t I just be able to “load” the bank and the folder would show up in my presets folder?

Hi @karl_k_rocks

When a .vitalbank file is created via the menu within vital, the correct folder structure needed for vital is automatically created, i.e. all the necessary subfolders for the patches, lfos, wavetables, samples that the author of the vitalbank wishes to include are all zipped together.

If you have a bunch of presets as a zip file, then this won’t be the same as a vitalbank file, as it’s probably missing the required subfolders.

If you unzip the file and only have presets (.vital files) and no subfolders, then the easiest thing to do is to copy them to the vital folder on your hard-drive.


  1. Go to Users/“your name here”/Music/Vital
  2. Create a folder here for the patches - this would be the name of the bank
  3. In this new folder, create a folder called “Presets”
  4. Copy you .vital patch files into this “Presets” folder.

So you will have Users/“your name here”/Music/Vital/“name of your bank”/Presets/ and the .vital patches should be put here.

Yeah so the presets DO have be in enclosing folder called “Presets”. Ok got it, thanks!

That’s it, yes.
If you import a “proper” .vitalbank file, it comes with the correct folder structure.
Perhaps have a look at the Factory folder that comes with Vital to see an example of the correct folder structure.
All the best.