Vital wont save presets in Reaper

In both 1.0.7 and 1.5.5 Vital wont save custom presets in reaper with no feedback from 1.0.7 and a error message in 1.5.5

OS? Reaper version?

Windows 10 most recent reaper

I cant export to the user file either it comes up saying the file does not exist

Windows 10 Reaper 6.71 Vital 1.5.3; can save custom presets just fine:

And export and save within Vital

Any Idea what my issue could be? It was working for me previously and just stopped one day I’m a bit lost.

I’m not sure, can you list the process exactly? It might be something with Reaper

what do you mean by process exactly? sorry

Are you saving the presets as custom Reaper presets or Vital presets, you also mentioned exporting. What steps can be followed to reproduce the error?

saving in reaper is working btw didn’t know you could do that but would still prefer saving in vital

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Im saving in vital. to reproduce I just open reaper open vital as an fx then try and save. It just wont work and on the new version it says error the older versions it just closes the save box. and for exporting i click export preset and navigate to the vital user folder then try save it with the other presets but it comes up with that error


If anyone has this issue you just have to copy your vital file with your wavetables to a different location then delete the original and then open reaper again it will try reinstall the file and you relocate it then paste in your other files!

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Works for me on Windows 10 Home 21H1 Reaper 6.73 Vital 1.5.5.

I have saved a preset through the Vital browser, and then a second “preset” by lazily closing Reaper and reopening it. However, the second preset is not saved to the Vital preset directory. Reaper is simply saving the Vital settings as part of the project and then recalling them when I re-open the Reaper project…

So in conclusion to save the preset you need to save it to the Vital browser.