Vital won't reinstall in FL Studio

Ok, so Vital has decided to stop working on my computer today. When trying to load in Vital, FL Studio gave me a message stating that “Something went wrong trying to load Vital” and told me to reinstall Vital.

Which I did, 5 times. Now FL Studio refuses to scan Vital as a working plugin, and keeps giving me the error status

Has anyone else had this problem before, and knows how to fix it? This has never happened to me before and the majority of my projects use Vital which means I no longer really can work on them :crying_cat_face:

Try clicking on where it says error and on the left side of the plugin manager where it says “Type” select Synth.

If that doesn’t work try doing a rescan with “Verify Plugins” and “Rescan plugins with errors” checked On.

For the record Vital works fine in FL Studio here so it’s just a matter of finding out what’s going on there.

What version of FL Studio are you using?

aight, so I just made it a synth and rescanned it for an error and its still giving me the same error:

I am also using the latest version of FL Studio (20.9 Build 2748)

Well then you’d be better off asking for support at the Image-Line forums. Like I said Vital works fine here in FL Studio 20.9.1 build 2796.

So it’s not like there is a universal problem with Vital in FL Studio. IL support can help you figure out what’s going on.

Other than that all I can think of is make sure you don’t have more than one .dll or .vst3 file installed either in multiple locations or the same location. Don’t move the .dll after installation and try not to use the VST3 version.

You could try uninstalling Vital, doing a full scan, then reinstalling and doing another full scan.

There is a chance FL Studio has incorrect database entry for Vital, despite you uninstalling Vital and rescanning all plugins.

To fix that follow the steps below (close FL Studio first ofc):

  1. Open path:
    C:\Users\[USERNAME]\Documents\Image-Line\Data\FL Studio\Presets\Plugin database
    and start looking for every single file named “Vital.fst” - delete them all.

  2. Now uninstall Vital (ofc backup your presets and all stuff from it) then open FL Studio and press rescan plugins. If you cannot see Vital on the list skip step #3 and go to step #4, however if you can still see Vital there go to step #3.

  3. If it still shows Vital on the list it means either you did not clean plugin database correctly OR THERE IS VITAL SOMEWHERE ON YOUR PC despite having it uninstalled - you will have to find it manually and delete (it will be either .dll file or .vst3 one). Once you are sure you did everything to ensure it’s gone rescan plugins in FL Studio and check if Vital is there, you don’t want it on the list so repeat this step until it does not show there.

  4. If it does not appear on the list anymore, close FL Studio & install Vital again, then open FL Studio and scan for Vital. It should appear there and should work as intended.

Let me know if it helps :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, I think i’ve identified the error:


This also popped up when trying to install Ableton. Broke on me and gave me this same error. I’m gonna reinstall this and see if it works

It should be in the Windows>System 32 folder. You can look there just to make sure it’s missing.

What version of Windows are you running?

Its installed. :neutral_face:

I hate my laptop

Here’s a link to download, I’d reinstall them anyway and see if the issue still happens

Wow this was the only thing that didnt give me an error reinstalling. Vital be workin now!!! Thank youuu <33

Happy to hear that it helped ^.^