Vital won't play overlapping MIDI notes, if the notes are the same

I’ve been a long-time user of Vital and I really love it! However, recently I’ve been trying to use my windsynthesizer to record MIDI using Vital and I’ve been having some issues. When recording with my windsynthesizer, I often get duplicated MIDI notes that overlap slightly. For whatever reason, when I use vital and I get these duplicated notes, only the first of the two overlapping notes will playback, regardless of their respective note lengths. I don’t have this issue with any other synthesizer and was wondering if anyone had any idea of how I could go about fixing this issue. I’ve added a link to a reddit post that I posted on the Vital subreddit that has a screen recording of me demonstrating the issue. Thanks!

Vital Won’t Play Overlapping MIDI Notes (if they are the same note)

that’s an interesting conundrum. have you tried sending two different midi tracks to reaper with the same note staggered to see if it reproduces the issue?

Are you sure about that ?

I always thought of it like playing a real piano key hold it down and then start to play with another finger on that held down key…nothing happens.

Midi spec doesn’t say how a synth should handle those.


In FLstudio you can choose all the overlapping notes at ones and glue them together.

sounds like a midi feedback to me

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