Vital won KVR Readers' Choice Award

Vital won this year’s KVR Readers’ Choice Award in the category Favorite Free Virtual Instrument.

Congratulations, Matt @Tytel


It’s just a shame that so many people consider Vital a free instrument and don’t financially support the developer especially considering how little it costs.

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While that is true, that’s still the category where it has won. It was also nominated in other categories, like Favorite Virtual Instrument, Favorite Soft Synth, and Favorite MPE Virtual Instrument.

While I appreciate people voting for Vital, I don’t really appreciate the last sentence in the announcement: “Pretty cool for free”. It comes across as a backhanded compliment.


To me it’s more of an insult than a compliment. Like Vital only won because it’s free. I think it stands up against plugins costing much more.

To be honest none of the results seem to reflect the actual preferences of KVR. Pigments as the “clear winner” as Favorite Softsynth" ? Cubase as the favorite DAW?

To be even more honest the whole list seems to be more a$$ kissing to the larger developers than a honest reflection of the preferences at KVR. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It was certainly not my intention to insult anyone, or call attention to such an insult. I’m sorry I naively brought it up. Should I delete this thread then. (Would that even be possible, now that there are already replies?)
But you’re right. Considering the wording, the editors at KVR actually seem kind of biased.

No you didn’t insult anyone it’s the poll at KVR. I mean it’s nice that Vital won something but I find the category it won in a bit demeaning.

No you’re fine. I don’t find the award itself offensive or demeaning especially since Vital was nominated and on the short list of 3 other categories.

I just found that the kvr article implies it’s good, but only for a free synth. I strongly considered not releasing a free version because of statements like that.


Thanks for taking the chance on the free version. I love to recommend Vital to new, young, and sometimes broke musicians.

It’s so good to know that they can get their hands on a pro-grade synth without breaking the bank or pirating Serum.

And I think having a big user community is where we all win!