Vital white window

Hello everyone, today I have a problem, I open the plug-in window in Ableton, and the window is white, that is, the plug-in does not display itself, but the sound plays, and all the controls, too, I seem to have changed nothing in my computer, so I don’t have idea why I have a white window vital. In new projects, there is a vital working window, there is an image of a virtual synthesizer, but in the main project it is not, more than 5 vital are open there. I could attach a video with the problem, but I can’t, because I write that I’m a new user. Standalone version works stably.
Win 10 x64
vst3 vital
Ableton 11

I wanted to add that I also started seeing the same behavior in the last week after months of flawless performance. I also use:
Win 10 x64
vst3 vital
Ableton 11

Hmm, did either of you have updated ableton recently?

To narrow down the issue to non-internet related issues could you logout of Vital and click ‘work offline’ and see if that resolves the issue?

Would also like to know if you resize the window while it’s white if it fixes the problem.

I have not updated Ableton recently, but am running the current version 11.0.2. Judging from Ableton’s changelog, the 11.0.1 and 11.0.2 patch don’t seem to contain much. My only sizeable update recently was the monthly patch from Microsoft.

I can still create a new Live Set file in Ableton and add Vital to a track, adjust, save, close, reopen the file and the access Vital, etc. without issues. This issue has so far just happened in a single file, but I haven’t started looking for it in older files.

When the Vital panel does go white, resizing the panel from the lower right corner does not fix the issue.

While I can open Vital as a standalone outside of Ableton and go offline, I wouldn’t be able to do so within the file having the issue since that option does not appear (just the white panel). I did the former, but it did not affect the issue.

Sorry not to be of more help. Perhaps if others experience the issue and report, there may be enough details to help pinpoint it.

Best Wishes –

Could you share the project with me? Wondering if there’s some weird state that’s causing Vital to not load correctly. You can send it to my DMs if you don’t want to share it publicly.

Did anyone send you a project file?
I have the same error using ableton live 11.05 x64 bit windows host with the latest version of vital (VST3).

It used to work fine until recently… Do you want me to send you projects files so you can look into the issue?

I would really need this to be resolved since I have saved all my favorite leads in the ableton browser so I cannot go in and configure the sounds any more.

Also I tried logging out of Vital and working offline but it did not solve the problem.

I’ve had the same problem (not strictly Vital related!)
Win 10, 20H1 update, Ableton 11.02 & 11.05, plus other DAWs.

Most VSTs will open & work, but as soon as you hit close the whole DAW will crash badly! Seems like it “could” be a GPU driver error combined with this barrage of win10 updates, but I’m no expert so don’t quote me…