Vital white screen crashing Ableton 10 on windows with second monitor

I can open Vital with the monitor unplugged , when I close vital and plug my monitor back in it white screen crashes on open.

wait, i think i have a similar issue

i use two screens, one of my laptop and the another being a second monitor

I open vital with the second screen plugged and it opens with a white screen. This does not mean that it crashed, it just takes some time to load. But yes this can get annoying cause you may lose an idea which you want to implement in vital.

I recommend you to use ableton in your primary screen only
If you are in a situation where you are not using vital in your project, then go ahead and connect the second monitor also

I think this is the only solution for now though

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Nice to have a workaround, but it hurts the ol workflow not being able to use my larger second

bump, please help

having this same issue as well!

Any update on this ? :slight_smile:

I don’t have this exact problem, but I have found that with an external monitor connected to my Win10 laptop, my Ableton Live performance is much better if I disable the laptop display and only use the external monitor. Vital performs better, too.

And I wasn’t even trying to use two Live windows or run Vital on the second screen. Everything was on the external monitor. Just having the two displays active is enough to cause the performance issues.

Doesn’t matter if I use integrated or discrete graphics. I’m limited to using one monitor. Not a big deal - this is an issue with my laptop/its OS/its graphics hardware. I can live with it until I can get my hands on a new Macbook pro.


+1 I am also having this issue, any solutions yet?

Same issue, but in my case Vital window is all black when the second screen is connected (I am on mac). What works for me at the moment is opening Vital while the second display is disconnected and then connecting the second display; works until I close Vital. Would appreciate a solution to this issue.

Same issue (i think or at least very similar), Ableton 11 - Vital 1.0.7. Windows 10. White window on instances of Vital that have been in the project for awhile. Freshly loaded instances show just fine.

When trying to open the gui of an instance that has been sitting in the project for awhile there is an issue.

(Actually i don’t have a second monitor actively hooked up. So my issue could be different)

I just updated vital to 1.0.8 and the issue persists.