Vital VST3 Not Showing in Ableton Live 12

Hi all, I’ve read a few other post related to this issue but never seemed to find a good solution yet. Will the Vital VST3 work in Ableton Live 12? I’m running a Mac Studio M2. Can Vital work under Ableton Live 12 in non-Rosetta mode?

I downloaded the ‘Basic’ version of Vital today to try it out first. It works fine as a standalone. I tried coping the Vital.vst3 to an Ableton VST3 custom folder and scanning it, but it still doesn’t appear anywhere.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Sorry, ableton custom folder - have your tried putting it in the default folder?

Yes, I copied the Vital.vst3 from the default Library/Audio/etc… folder to a custom VST3 folder and scanning that as well. But no luck. I just have Ableton set to scan system VST3 and custom VST3 folders.

Weird, maybe it’s a Mac specific bug? Unfortunately mine works without issue :confused:
You could try a clean install, just save your user presets first in a new location before you do :slight_smile:

Are you using VST3? If so, where is your Vital.vst3 file located?


Yeah just in the default location, but on pc

I downloaded the early release version and installed it. It’s version 1.5.5 I believe. It now shows up in Ableton!

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Weird! But glad it’s working now :slight_smile: