VITAL VST3 extremely slow

MBP 16’ maxed out 10.15.7
Nuendo 11 11.0.41 build 448
VST3 install w/ reboot after installation


I’ve just downloaded vital and installed it without issues. After rescanning all the plug-ins the vital shown up as a VST3, opened it but instantly experienced an huge amount of beachballs. Read some bug reports from the present but didn’t find a fix for this.

Since the VST2 is missing in the VST instruments sections. So I’ve opened the VST2 version with PatchWork from BlueCatAudio and the issues were no more.

Is there any fix to get the VST3 version working without lag?



If VST2 version works for you better, I’d really suggest to stick to it (and try to make your DAW rescan for it but I cannot help you there other than to suggest to uninstall Vital completely and try to install only VST2 version then rescan all plugins in your DAW)


that worked, thanks :slight_smile:

  • Marnix