Vital VST No Sound

I downloaded the Free Version of the VITAL VST yesterday. I got the plugin installed, opened my DAW, loaded the VST and signed in. Everything downloaded and installed correctly, and when I went to play a note nothing came out. I loaded an instance of Serum and the audio came through perfectly fine. My audio driver is selected to the right output and everything. It should also be noted that when I play a note in the VITAL Synth, the meter in the top right of the VST shows that the INIT Preset is playing on full amplitude as well as the waveform of a saw wave showing up to the right of the volume gauge. Not exactly sure how to fix this bug when other VST’s in the same project are working and I can see that my DAW is registering the input of my notes. Does anyone know of any solutions? Here’s a picture to better visualize what’s going on.

I had this problem too, Vital will only out put audio to the audio device that was plugged in or connected when it first boots up. So if you switched headphones after it loaded up, or connected something via Bluetooth, just close and reopen it.

Never switched devices. I’ve also restarted the VST, the DAW, and my Computer multiple times.

People say this happens in FL 11 and earlier

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I’ve noticed. I loaded it up in FL 20 and everything worked fine. Real shame that there isn’t support for earlier DAW’s.

I have this problem in FL 20, I’m not sure if that’s the same problem, but when I open my project with some Vital VST’s, some of those don’t produce any sound, even if them are giving informations (in fact FL lets me see those like if they were playing a sound, for exemple in the frequency spectrum) and some do produce a sound; if I reload the project the Vitals not working may start working, but other that were working, may stop working, what should I do? Thanks for your time =D!