Vital Voicing Problem With Noise Generator

Hello guys,

I like to share a video with you:

I would like to playback the kick sound with my bass at once but also stay monophonic. In Serum for example it works without any problem when I set it to 1 voice.
Do I miss something here or is this supposed to work like in Serum? #Bug?

I also looked at the voicing window by Serum, which show at monophonic setting 2/2 voices depending of course on how many osc and noise generator are on. So I really think that Vital also should kinda increase the minimum of playedback voices, if you atctivate the noise gen for example …

Try to disable legato. Legato prevents envelopes from firing again if the notes are tied… Probably the sampler only retriggers on non legato playing.

Thanks you for the tip, but then I unfortunatly have the problem, that the kick attack will get triggered by each slide … see:

i see.

so you want the kick sound on every note that is not played legato, right?
so legato should be on then, that is right. maybe this is indeed a bug in vital if it does not trigger the sound on non legato notes. in the first video it seems it happens mostly when you repeat the same note, right? maybe @Tytel can make something out of that…