Vital/Vial Open Source Repository

As many of you know @Tytel has been kind enough to provide the source code for Vital under an open source license. The official repository contains the source code for Vital at version 1.0.6. However, the version there currently contains all of components and configuration that are related to the (free) commercial version that you can download on These components include the stuff that you need to be logged in to use. Examples include the following.

  • Log in menu item
  • Text to wavetable
  • Purchased preset downloads
  • Check for Updates

In addition to those commercial components, the configuration is set for Matt’s environment and there is a bit of hacking that needs to be done to get the official repo to build.

In an effort to personally build an M1 compatible Mac build I made a fork of the repository and have been cleaning it up a bit by removing the commercial bits and making it easier to build and run. I’ve attempted as much as possible to remove any “Vital” branding and have changed most instances to “Vial”. I think that was originally @Tytel’s idea for the open source name and I like it.

I just added some build instructions to the README and wanted to share it here in case there are folks that are interested in hacking the code. If you see any improvements feel free to open a pull request. I would love to collaborate with anyone.