Vital v1.5 not showing OBS windows capture within FL Studio

Hi, I don’t know if this is a problem within FL or OBS, but in the latest v1.5 graphic engine update, I found out in OBS when I try to window capture FL Studio with Vital v1.5 vst is open, OBS shows nothing on its screen but only FL Studio Wrapper window only. With v1.0.8 it shows fine without a problem.

Vital 1.5

Vital 1.0.8

This is an issue with OBS more than with FL or Vital so I’d take it up with them.

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Does it happen when the plugin window is deteached too?

I found out that it’s more on the FL Studio how it deals with DirectX output of the VST, since you switched to using DirectX natively instead of openGL, it now draws directly to the GPU right?
so OBS seems be not able to grab it, Waves plugins also does the same thing in FL Studio.

Detaching it from renders the plugin outside of FL (from being window captured with OBS), although I tried to capture the detached window using Window Capture again but it was a blank screen, so I guess this is a problem within OBS being not able to capture DirectX using Window Capture.