Vital User Presets folder empty

I’ve made an update of Vital to version 1.0.8 and after this my User Presets folder is empty (there are no files in it) and I had there a collection of over 100 presets.

I opened a session with one of those presets and the preset is playing just fine, but it’s described as “Init Preset” and when I open the presets browser the folder is still empty (so Vital somehow remembers the settings, but the preset is untraceable).

When browsing presets by name my name is also gone.

I’m using PC and frankly speaking I’m quite frightened right now!

Have you looked in your recycling bin? If they were deleted they might be there.

Your DAW saves the presets you use in sessions so I’d go back in through all your projects and save the ones you can. It’s also a good idea to make regular backups of all your stuff!

Unfortunately no trace of presets in the bin, they just dissolved into thin air.

I have a backup copy, yes, but still I’m not sure what will happen if I’ll import the saved bank - will the presets work in the sessions as they should. And I’d rather not have this happening again, so I’m hoping to find out what and how happened and what can I do to restore the presets (they should be somewhere, I guess) and prevent them for disappearing in the future.

Thanks for advice all the same :slight_smile:

Aha! Found them! Vital reinstalled itself on the C drive and put the presets in the Documents\Vital… folder while previously it was on the D drive. Why it made such a twist I don’t know (I might have overlooked something), but all data is safe and sound (pun intended), I just have to redirect things!

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Great. I think you missed a bit of @SlavaCat s point though. Your DAW saves the state of the plugin within the current project, so even if you delete all your presets, the sounds from the session are still there. Or put another way: a synth plugin without presets will still save state in a DAW session

And that is a good news! However it wouldn’t help too much since I made a presets bank for the sake of making a presets bank, so I didn’t have most of them in the sessions. Anyways thinks seem to be on their way to a good end right now :slight_smile:

Right, but there is a strange thing happening here: I just reinstalled Vital, and there was no way to choose the presets destination folder, they landed on drive C in Documents\Vital. How come, then, I managed to install them in custom location previously? Does anybody know?

… and when i copied the presets to the folder on drive C they are there, of course, but if I’m opening and old session Vital won’t recognize which preset it’s using, so I have problems with identifying it, too.

I think you are still confusing two things.
You have presets inside vital which you can recall within the GUI.
Reopening a session in your DAW does not recall a preset from vital, the session has literally saved the whole state of the plugin in its own format within the session file.

There is a BUG however, as the Preset Name in Vital is not saved with the session, so every session recalled state will be called init preset…

Hey, I do understand that and I know the bug, however, there was a way to cheat that bug, or probably still is in Vital that didn’t have the troubles my had: if you open some old session with your preset and it’s called Init preset click this name and the browser will open and you’ll see the name and author on the left. And there’s even better trick: click the Vital logo and change Vital’s size - it’ll appear with the preset’s name.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work with the copied presets folder. And I’m still wondering how I managed to install Vital and presets folder on drive D and can’t do this anymore.

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There used to be a bug in Vital where the preset name didn’t come back properly. I think that’s fixed in the latest version though:

As for the presets being empty randomly, that’s probably a change that happened on your system. Either the preset folder moved, is mounted on a different drive, or Vital can’t access that folder anymore because of permissions.

Hey, thanks for reply!

I’ve installed version 1.0.8 and you’ve sent link to 1.0.7, shall I go backwards?

Also the thing is I have no option to install Vital (using the 1.0.8 installer) anywhere else than on C\Documents\Vital, whereas I previously had it on D in a custom folder, and all my presets stayed there after reinstalling. Can I change that?

Sorry to bother and let my take an opportunity to congratulate You on and thank You for making such a fantastic instrument! :slight_smile:

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