Vital Updates, any updates on this please?

Hi there, big fan of Vital, have been using it for quite a few years now and have the full paid version.

I noticed it’s not been updated in quite some time and I’ve been experiencing some crashes and fails on OSX Ventura - Logic Pro 10.8.1

I read on Discord that Matt has taken some time away, I’m sorry to hear that and hope everything is ok.

Wondered is there any update on if Vital still has a roadmap? I’ve invested into it and have a lot of presets and a lot of tracks using it - I chose to not go down the Serum route, but am now a bit concerned that Vital may not have long term support.

Any suggestions or news about what’s happening with ongoing development and support?

Thanks in advance


it would be amazing if the vital user community had more of an idea as to the disposition and the overall feeling on the Vital project from the perspective of the developer, in the hopes that as a community we could find a way to better facilitate the project in whatever small way we could.

Last message from Matt on this subject:

That was posted on November 2023.

Thanks, yeah had spotted that, but 4 months ago and had hoped to have heard or seen something by now.

His previous post was on April, 7 months before. Still on track. :slight_smile:

I think Matt is more active on discord of you want to swing over there and see if there’s any other info.
I agree more communication would be great but at the end of the day he’s just one guy doing all this so it’s going to take some time :slight_smile:

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