Vital, updates and improvements

firstly i must say hats of to mat for developing such a gem and its free!! But as they say nothing is perfect .so here are my wishes for eventual updates regarding vitals functionality.
1 ability to heare the preset/ wawetable before loading
2. per voice distortion (fx section)
3. improvements regarding the sync algo, when sine shape is loaded
4. ability to make your own distortion shape inside fx section
5. ability to make your own spectral warp mode
6. add the hz mode to lfo
7. add the star rating system to preset browser
Accept those,vital is close to perfect, keep up the great work mat :slight_smile:
8. add the ability to input a key such as C0 to detect a pitch of the imported wavetable easier


No it’s not free. There is a free version but you should support the developer by purchasing the Plus or Pro version.

That way when you make long wish lists you won’t feel so guilty.

Considering you think Vital is “close to perfect”, contributing to its development is not asking too much.


i don’t feel guilty at all why should i

If you have to ask the question you’ll never understand the answer.

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please dont shame/ guilt me for requesting and proposing some improvements mind you that the fact that there is a free and available version means that it can be use as such
you dont know me and can’t assume if i understand or don’t understand such simple concepts, besides your posts bringing nothing to the table when it comes to my topic at hand

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I’m simply pointing out that supporting the developer is the best way to get your wishes granted as it encourages and enables further development.

Giving advice to support the developer is “bringing something to the table”.

I’m not shaming you just commenting on the general trend of asking for something while giving nothing in return.