Vital Update need some help

I’ve been trying to update vital from 1.3 to 1.5.5. I’m on Mac and I’ve followed all the instructions on downloading it. So I’ve got to the point where it’s downloaded and I’ve opened up vital and it still says the 1.3 version. Now, I’ve tried downloading the 1.8 version? And Vital won’t open inside the daw, Insanely frustrating.

Sorry this might seem odd - you mention it’s downloaded, but did you complete the install? You may just be opening the existing vital, I don’t think it is automatically uninstalled? I could be mistaken but:

Feel free to save your user presets folder (copy to elsewhere) then remove all the old vital before trying a fresh install

Hope this helps!

So I’m gonna sound silly myself as well, I’ve went through the process of downloading it and I could be just opening the older version. How would I be able to open the new one?

You’ll need to run the installer and then log in to your account

Do you know if you’ve done those steps yet?