Vital update announcements?

Hi @Tytel, apologies if I missed it, but was wondering why I couldn’t see any announcement when 1.0.4 was released? Thanks.
An announcement on this forum with a list of changes (bug fixes, improvements) would be a “good thing” I think.
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Post Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:42 am

I’m only going to put out notifications for some builds because I’m doing some quick releases in the next month (1.0.5 is coming soon) and I don’t want to ping everyone for each one. When I do notify everyone there will be a full list of changes.

This may help.


Thanks @vcvr. I’m bit baffled as to why that announcement wasn’t posted here.

maybe he´s busy with a lot of stuff, and just forgot.

i´m happy 1.0.5 is comming soon.

List´s and manual would be nice, but as far as i know, it´s just one person working on everything.
So i´m sure there are more important things to do.

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maybe he´s busy with a lot of stuff, and just forgot.

I’m sure he is.

I think his forum for his users of his synth is a good place to post quick updates. Just want to gently nudge in that direction - i think it would be appreciated.

List´s and manual would be nice

The absence of a manual is shame :frowning:

if you write a good manual you can spend a lot of time.

and then release vital one or two months later?

Bad idea in my opinion. You can do sooo much stuff without manual!

You can do sooo much stuff without manual!

True. Without guidance you can cross a river, but with guidance you can cross an ocean

(I just made that up! just a bit fun to make a point :grinning: )

catch a shark and ride across the ocean on his back, you will have more fun and attention than just by airtravel… :skull_and_crossbones:

pretty please add Midi input channel selection in Stand Alone mode for us experimental folks trying to go Dawless :slight_smile: Vital sounds much better only playing one of the 16 midi tracks not all of them !!

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+1 - I need this too for keyboard splitting.

Current information on new builds as they released are on Vital discord server.

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Thanks for the heads up @romil59. I’m not currently on discord. I hope @Tytel will post future announcements here also.

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