Vital Tutorial (edit: exploration) by Matt Tytel

Feature Request:

A video tutorial by Matt Tytel.

I believe we’ll learn more from that than any manual or other tutorial could teach us.

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I’d rather he spend that time writing code.

You know what’s the greatest teacher ? Hands on experience. :wink:


I think that would bring a very unique perspective. It’s amazing to see what everybody else is doing with Vital, but I’d love to hear what the creator values the most in this incredible instrument!

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he could probably use some help since this synth is probably one of the most popular synths in the world right now.

but are you willing to go on record as not being interested in hearing him go through the synth in his own words? maybe tutorial was the wrong word, just some kind of exploration in his own words would be amazing, cmon now you can’t sit here and say you wouldn’t be fascinated by that.

No I’ll go on record as saying I’d rather he spend that time writing code to make Vital better for everyone.

I prefer to spend my time learning a synth by using it rather than reading about it.

I think Matt has enough on his plate right now. Adding anything else would simply be counterproductive.

if Matt has enough on his plate, then why is there a feature request flag? I’ll bet he’s just as curious about what we think as we are what he thinks. Don’t you?

Yes enough on his plate with feature requests and bug reports that he probably doesn’t have time to stop working to tell you what he thinks. Feature requests make Vital better for everybody.

Priorities man it’s all about priorities…:wink:

That’s true, but that’s exactly why it’s called a feature request. Of course Matt Tytel doesn’t have enough time to stop working just to respond to every feature request, question, and bug report, and of course Tytel is going to make the development of Vital his number one priority, with feature requests being lower on his priority list. However, @reklamchef’s point still stands. Tytel made the “feature requests” section of this forum for a reason: to see what features people are requesting for Vital, and he will likely be able to read posts in this section more often after he releases Vital 1.5.1 and is a bit less busy with the development of Vital.

I really don’t want to cause conflict and elevate this conversation into an unnecessary, heated argument. I just don’t want @reklamchef to feel like their opinion on this feature request is being dissed. I apologize if anything I’ve said here is disrespectful, insulting, harsh, or just plain irrelevant.


The development of Vital (or any synth) is tied directly to feature requests. That’s how a synth grows, by adding features.

But understand what reklamchef is asking is not a Vital (pun intended) feature request, It will make no change to Vital at all. It’s not a request related to the development of Vital as an instrument.

It’s simply a request for Matt to stop the development of Vital and instead talk about it.

Oh sure maybe when Vital reaches a certain point there might be time for such an unproductive distraction but right now Vital is in Beta which means this latest version is not a finished product.

There is still work to be done.

Taking precious time out right now to talk about Vital makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

If you really love Vital as we all do then you’ll know we’re much better off with Matt writing code and not writing about Vital.

No-one expects the developer to implement EVERY feature request that is posted here and I don’t really understand why (teksonik) you’re the self-appointed director of how Matt spends his time. reklamchef is absolutely correct that the feature request category is a channel of communication dedicated precisely to the OP’s type of suggestion, regardless of whether or not it happens to suit your own priorities.
My request is that teksonik PLEASE stop shutting people down when they present ideas you don’t agree with.
PS: please also don’t reply to this post as I have absolutely NO interest in your opinion on it.


Yes thank you so much for saying this. You explained the situation much better than I did in my reply, and I’m glad that you agree with me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please try to understand the difference between a feature request for the Vital synth itself and a “feature” request for Matt just to talk about Vital.

If you really love Vital as an instrument like I’m sure we all do then wouldn’t you rather he spend his time working on the synth and not just talking about it ?

Like I said Vital is still in BETA. There is much work to be done on the M1 Mac, Windows, and Linux versions. How much time do you think one individual has in a day?

I’m just trying to be the voice of reason and common sense. Like I said it’s about priorities and quite frankly that should be painfully obvious.

At any rate reklamchef gave his opinion and I gave mine. If you’re trying to say that dissenting opinions are not allowed here then you are the dictator so PLEASE stop telling people what they can or can not post here.

(I didn’t expect this post to get flagged. I don’t know what I did wrong. I’m sorry)

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Yeah just going to close this thread.

I’ve thought about doing a tutorial myself but honestly a lot of people on youtube do a much better job teaching things. I tend to post my favorite features (and combinations of features) to my social accounts if you’re curious what I’m excited about.

Might do a “developer’s POV” at some point though.