Vital synth for music generation?

Sorry for newbie question… I am wondering if Vital synth is intended also for generating music (e.g. from sheets or MIDI file), or just for generating sounds. I checked a few tutorials and all explain how to create custom waveforms. So I am not sure if I just don’t know yet enough about Vital synth, or I am trying to learn wrong software for my purposes.


(Vital Use Help)

Hey urban.simoncic,

Vital Synth is meant to act like an instrument.

I highly recommend using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to write music using MIDI Notes to control Vital.

(Simple Terms)

1: Vital is an instrument
2: A DAW is where you can use instruments, as well as many other audio plugins and effects, to write and put together music.

I hope this helps! If you need anymore help or information, let me know!


Thank you for the reply, it fully answer my question.