Vital suddenly crashes when I load it up in a project or stand alone

Hello I’m running Vital in Logic Pro X on an iMac with OS Catalina 10.15.7. I’d been learning and playing with vital a lot for the last few months then a day or 2 ago, while I was trying to make a synth, my session suddenly crashed. when I reopened the session and kept working, I found that it would continue to crash until i swapped out or got rid of vital from the project. I tried opening other projects with vital that used to work fine and met the same issue after some playback or just having the session open sometimes. I then tried running the Stand alone version of vital and found that it also crashes inexplicably. I tried reinstalling vital and haven’t seen an improvement. I’ve really grown to love Vital a lot and would appreciate any help!

Have you tried running Vital in offline mode? Log out and try then. You can always log back in.

How do I run it in offline mode?

Click the drop down menu and select Log Out.

Unfortunately it still crashes while logged out and working offline

Well it was worth a try. At least you can check that off the list of possible causes.

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thanks for the tip! hopefully I can figure this out.