Vital Subscription (rent to own?) *Solved

Is there a way to upgrade to pro with the subscription package? Also, does vital have a rent to own option?

*Update Matt actually emailed me and I’m ready to support this fantastic synth. So yeah, it does count as credit. :fire:

Looks like that is the intent. from the tool tips under the subscription item on the main website:
“$5 / month credit in store - Use your entire subscription payment to build up your preset bank or use toward buying the Plus and Pro bundles. You keep everything even if you cancel your subscription and credit never expires.”
I don’t think there’s anything anounced about timing, but I guess we need a few months to build up credit first :slight_smile:

Speculating here, a rent to own plan would involve giving you the content before you’d paid, but to do that there would need to be a mechanism to fish that content out of the system if the customer canceled before completing. I’d rather that time was spent on audio focused features.

Personally, I’d like to see a way to pay for a year of subscription in one go, if nothing else it would save the author some card fees and for those of us who need to keep accounts for our audio expenditure it’s easier too.

I have done this with Sylent 1. I payd 9,95€ every Month with Paypal. You can see here how their Payment Plan works:

Its very nice for me.

I’m not sure how the subs work exactly, but going from Plus to Pro, there’s no explicit upgrade button/option, you just click the Pro option on the Get Vital page and it applies the discount. Perhaps it will be the same for subscribers and it will check how much credit is in your account and deduct the appropriate amount from the total.

The subscription will give you $5 in the Online Store (soon to come) on a monthly basis, you can then either choose to buy packs or save everything up to upgrade to Pro if you’d like

Thanks for the info, Sylenth1 will be next rent to own synth after Serum is paid off.

This would be the best outcome.

I’m with this! Vital has some very usuable presets. I’ve made a few and have already used them in my beats. I just hope I can get the pro version if I sub for a minute.