Vital stops working in bigger projects (FL Studio)

Hi there! Vital stops to fully work in big projects (lots of plugins, samples, etc.) It still generates sound perfectly, but I can’t open it anymore. The plugin window is just kind of transparent and I can’t use Vital properly (use the interface). Here a clip that demonstrates the problem:
(Btw everything works in a blank project, I checked that to see if it’s a general problem)

It might have to do with RAM load. As in bigger projects the load gets bigger as well. I have only 8 gigs of RAM and frequently get to the limit. But I also reduced the RAM usage in the project to a more normal level but it still doesn’t work. Also restarted my DAW and computer a couple times without success.

The weird thing is every other plugin and FL Studio itself still work perfectly fine…
It’s only Vital that is not working, so I’m keen to find out how to fix this issue.


Are you using multiple monitors? I’ve gotten some reports of this with Vital opening on secondary monitors or after some changes to graphics cards/drivers.

Yes, I’m using 2 monitors. Just checked with my second monitor turned off but it didn’t help. Also didn’t have any graphic driver updates lately (but they’re up to date).

What are your scaling settings within FL Studio’s General Settings?


They’re the same:


If you have FL open on your other monitor and open Vital there does it work then?

Nope, having FL open on the other screen also didn’t work.

BUT I found a fix. I ticked the option “Make bridged” and it is working again, wtf?!


I don’t really know what this does tho. Bridging is normally used to run 32 bit plugins on a 64 system, right? Im already running Vital in 64 bit and this just makes it a bridged 64 bit, which I totally don’t get.

I also have to manually tick that option on every instance of Vital to make it work again. But hence the problem is only appearing in bigger projects it’s not a big deal. And there is probably a way to activate it permanently somewhere… Still kinda confusing lol

From the FL Studio manual:

“There are four cases where bridging VST plugins is useful”

#4…Try using Bridged mode with plugins that are unstable or crash.

So even though everything is 64 bit it sounds like they’re saying there could be some benefit to bridging.

Well that’s interesting, thank you!