Vital Still Resetting the Sampling Rate — macOS


I’m running the latest Vital update for macOS (1.0.7) on macOS Big Sur, and Vital still keeps resetting the sampling rate every time I open it. Is there any way around it that I’m not aware of? It’s a bit of an hassle, to be perfectly honest.

Any hints or insights on this issue would be much appreciated.

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For the standalone, I’m not sure this is a way; In a DAW, you can just create your own default preset with the sample rate where you want it, and then assign that as the init configuration.

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Thanks, SlavaCat. That worked perfectly for my DAW, though not the standalone app for some reason.

I have had a revelation:

Just create a desktop shortcut for the preset you want as the new default! It won’t reinitialize as the same thing, but its a small time saver.

Opening Vital through the user preset doesn’t work on my system, it resets the sampling rate and the buffer size.

Oh, weird