Vital standalone as MIDI output device on Windows 10?

When I start Vital standalone, it doesn’t get registered as a MIDI output device under the windows device list.
I use to check the device list, and I have an app that uses portmidi to list midi devices and connect to some device. (That app is some standalone sequencer stuff I’m working on, it doesn’t exist as a VST plugin so I can’t just load everything into a DAW).

From what I see, Vital can select its MIDI input device in the options, but it itself isn’t exposed as a MIDI output devivce.

Standalone doesn’t mean that it creates a new virtual midi port.
None of the standalone VSTs do this (nor software like SAVIHost that turns a VST into a standalone exe).
You have to create a virtual midi port yourself, using something like loopMIDI :slight_smile:

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