Vital SpeedBanks: A Faster Vitalbank Creation Utility

Quickly create large (or small) Vitalbanks with components from any folder on your system.

Select individual component files, or use Auto Add to select a folder and recursively add in every component from every subfolder.


Precompiled binaries are available only for Windows and Linux; however, the code works multi-platform with Mac devices (or with anything supporting Tk Python) so if you happen to have python installed on your system it should work.

How to Use
  1. Use the Add buttons on each component list (preset, wavetable, ect…) to add in files, or use auto add to select a folder of components to add
  2. Name the bank and press Export to select a directory to put the final bank in

Feel free to leave suggestions.


looks good!, i was going to try running on WINE in Linux but I don’t see any binaries on the github page, only a zip with a .py in it. Is there an .exe somewhere at the link?

There should be a precompiled binary under the Releases heading:

Alternatively, I just put up a Linux build: Release Precompiled Windows & Linux Executables (1.2) · SlavaCat118/VitalSpeedBanks · GitHub

I tested it on my Ubuntu system and it worked fine, not too confident in Linux python distribution to say if it will work on any distro though.

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aha! thanks, I’m terrible at interpreting github pages, found it!