Vital Randomizing Patch on its own

This just started today, but vital has supposedly gone rogue. Now anytime i create or edit a synth patch it will switch over and begin playing a random version of my patch on each loop.

Here is a Video of it happening

Here are some screenshots of the vital patch in the video.

The weird thing to me is that when I first discovered the bug this morning it was while starting a new song. Vital would begin doing it as soon as I added a second oscillator even if it was a fresh init

Is there some setting I have accidentally activated? What is going on?!!?!
I tested to see if it would happen to serum too but it did not seems to be a vital issue rather than a DAW issue.

EDIT: I un installed and re installed vital and am still running into the same issue. So I am really starting to think there is a setting somewhere that I turned on or something

EDIT 2: I recorded Ableton after a fresh install of vital, It is still doing it. As of now it will not change on its own as long as I do not turn on the second or third oscillators if I do it will begin changing the patch on its own and Will not stop doing it if I turn off oscillators 2 and 3
I Have links to the photo and video of me playing the init patch but i can not put mroe links in this post please ask for it if that would be helpful

Are you sure this is not some kind of phase randomization? It would only become noticeable when you enable a second oscillator or more voices… Try turning phase randomization down and see if it helps

I Have turned down phase randomization however I am still experiencing the issue with all phase randomization set to 0%

Ok, can you attach the patch itself? The preset? Can you check if a MIDI assignment has been made to any of the controls?

I resolved the issue before I saw this However I just ran into it again. I can post a video if you are interested however I have ran into an issue with vital where it will randomize the patch sound even with Phase turned to 0 and 0%. I am currently running into it with this patch The weirdest thing about this is it only occurs when I loop just the patch if I loop the patch plus a couple bars behind it the patch sound stays the same.