Vital Projects and Extensions Sharing Thread

If you have any code that is meant to work for Vital, share them here! This can be c++, python, java, a webpage, or any other thing.
Every time a new app is posted, I will see what I can do to convert it to c++, and include it in a project that contains all the posted projects as one app. This project will use the c++ wxWidgets library, so if you are making a c++ project, making it using wxWidgets would be great.


Random LFO Generator(thanks to @SlavaCat for the original idea and Python script): Random LFO Generator c .zip (2.7 KB)
I will add the all-project source code soon.


Lucky for you, I got bored today and decided to make an equation to Vital LFO generator. Iā€™m working on optimizing and testing rn so expect the finished code and post soon :slight_smile:

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I am not a programmer (C++), but could one programmer add Single Trigger for envelopes and LFOs might as a little botton where the user could simply switch between single- and poly-trigger.
This feature is very common in modern synths like Harmor, Serum, Zebra, Ikarus etc and in my view an important musical function.

Single trigger in poly mode means you press 1 key and hold it and press in addition a second, 3., 4., etc. and with every additional key the LFO continious. If you then release all keys and press a new key the LFO starts from start point. And so on.

Equation to LFO, by me Here ya go