Vital problems in WINE

Great synth, works well in Ubuntu Studio 20.10 as LV2 plugin. FL Studio in WINE work perfectly.

When I install Windows VST ersion of Vital in WINE there are no presets or wavetables available.

Also, the Vital synth view inside FL Studio flashes and flickers. Flickering is at a minimum when you “Detatch” the view in FL.

I understand Vital was not desgined to be used in Linux / WINE so I marked this problem report as Uncatgegorized.

I would be happy if Vital could work in my WINE / FL Studio studio computer.

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I feel like the flickering is an OpenGL issue, but I can’t be sure.

Additional info: I purchased the Plus version using In The Mix link last week. The original beta release did not get past the signin screen. Downloaded and installed 1.03 version which will log in but did not download any content.

Did you try the actual Linux version or just the Windows one through WINE?

They’re .so files so it should work out of the box.

I installed both Linux/LV2 and WINE/VST plugins on the same computer. The synth performance is good using either system.

I have noticed that my WINE install of FL Studio is not connected to the web since I can’t see the latest FL news at the top or get the free FLEX presets.

Which version of Wine are you using? My DAW of choice is the Windows x64 version of Renoise, but running under Wine (well, Crossover but same difference) as it makes it so much easier to load 32 and 64bit vst plugins within it. Not had any issues with vital apart from it not aauthorising the text to wavetable.
Only disadvantage for me is no VST3 support in Renoise yet heh.

I’m using wine-5.0 in Ubuntu Studio 20.10.

I found an easy workaround for my problem. Copied Vital folder from a separate Windows install into the Linux Documents folder. Presets are available in Wine now. joy

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that is pretty interesting, and cool with me. I don’t like digging around in the .wine directories and depending on the buggy um, emulated windows explorer file browser. WINE definitely needs some TLC.