Vital Pro Wavetable/Preset offline download

I know Tytel had stated that the Pro wavetable/lfo waveform/presets would be made available for download and loading up outside of Vital itself needing to establish a connection.
As stands, I’m still only seeing Vital 1.03 (shown as being Pro) available for download but none of the material to load into it.

Looking through the forum I don’t “think” I’ve missed where this may have been made available so just looking for a confirmation update on what the state of these affairs are.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying Vital a good deal without such things (and more than happy to have paid), though admittedly, it’s a wee bit annoying having to constantly draw in LFO wave shapes. =P

side note: was there a serial number that one should receive with their pro payment?

You can save the LFO shapes if you right click them :smiley:
as to the other things i dont know