Vital Pro or Viper?

Hello has any of you tried the Viper Synth?
I don’t have many cash to expend so, what would you do?

1.- Buy Viper for 89.00 € and just keep the Free Vital Version.
2.- Buy The Pro Vital version for $80 and forget about Viper.

Any Advice?

This is a tough question, because only you can make the decision.
It comes down to how you want to use the synth, what sounds you want to make, or what music you want to make.

I find Vital an easier layout to use, especially if you’re still learning synthesis. The modulation mapping is more extensive and the matrix is nicer to work with. Additional filter types, more envelops, more LFOs, random generators, etc.

Viper sounds great, has loads of good stuff and great effects. I believe there is additional routing options and more distortion modes, for example. Viper also has a great arp built in, especially if you don’t have any vital LFOs templates saved.

Personally: my honest answer would be buying viper and keeping vital free, if you are only thinking about “bang for your buck” since you get two synths. You can also always upgrade Vital later to support Matt.
But: ask yourself would you be using Vital or Viper more to get the thing done that you want?
If your patches have tons of modulation, maybe think about Vital. Do you want that Virus supersaw sound or love using arps? Maybe go with Viper.

Tough call but hope this helps.

If I only had to have one I would pick Vital for its flexibility and versatility.

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isn’t the viper a virus incarnation?
id so, then i’d have a look at the dsp56300 project…

The DSP56300 project has a lot of good sounds but I got so frustrated with it and deleted it because it had so many problems. I recommend investing your time in Vital. I bought Vital Pro because of It’s great features plus I’m betting future advancements will take it to levels no other synth will be able to compete with.

Go Matt Go!

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thanks for your answers !

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I guess I’m going to buy full Vital. I tested Viper, is very good but I just can’t modulate the way Viper does anymore, I got too accostumed to Bitwig and Vital easy modulation.

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Vital <—