Vital pro, can not login

I can’t login either in AU/VST in DAW or Vital standalone, it’s great all the pro banks can be installed manually, but it seems that “text to wavetable” function needs login to use.

Yeah text to wavetable is an online service…

What does it say when you try to log in?

Hi lokki,

Thanks for the reply.
It says nothing, just freezes at this “Signing in…” screen

Oh sorry, after a while it says: “An internal error has occurred”

Seems like Matt is looking into it. Try disabling the firewall of you are behind one…

I see, it’s an internet problem…
anyway it’s still a great synth even without the text to wavetable function

Could you try logging in from the standalone app instead of the plugin?

Hi Tytel,

I’ve tried both plugin and standalone, neither of them works

Hmm. What version of Mac are you running?

I’m running Mojave
But connecting through VPN works! And once logged in the text to wavetable function doesn’t need VPN anymore. So I suppose maybe the server for user authentication is blocked for some reason from China.

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I’m getting the “internal error has occured” when I try to log in. I’m on Fedora 35. Is this still an unsolved issue? (I know all work if I manually download content and then work offline …)

I am also having the same issue on Fedora 35.