Connecting from China and other restricting areas, can not sign in with "an internal error has occurred"

whats the issue :hello everyone. i bought the $80 version today and was trying to download it. when it took me to download page. the latest version was recognized as malware. so i skipped it and got the 1.0.2 instead. i installed it just fine until prompted to log in. this msg pops up

fyi im connecting from China. network there is a bit dodgy…

what i tried: loggin in DAW mode and standalong, with admin and no admin. with vpn enabled and disabled.

please help!!!


Me too locate in China, confronting endless “an internal error has occured” when trying to log in, and as a result of that, cant download any of the downloading content, no preset, only one waveform.

system: mac os 10.15.6
internet: using a VPN

but that should work because the vpn is outside and the communication only over the vpn end nodes…similar problems with other registration process?

I connect a VPN to china and tried, should be okay, because I successfully logged in with my VPN connected to the china server. If you are in china, try to use lightway -UDP or OpenVPN -UDP if you have a VPN. (of course it’s better with a VPN than without a VPN no matter where you are.) Faster internet speed will also help.

same here, can’t sign in and the same “internal errror has occurred”.


Same here in India

Someone got this to work, I think they may have disabled some Windows firewall temporarily to login and then turn it back on. Can’t remember off hand.

I’m going to allow manual downloads of the preset packs soon so that should be a workaround for signing in but I’m looking into this.

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Same here brother

From what I know they had to do a low of gimmicks with a certain type of VPN and forcing Vital through it, not sure who it was though…

but even if I can download presets,everytime I open vital in my DAW,it asks me to login. this is quite tiring and troublesome,can I download a login-free version? even one without any preset is fine.


Yeah mate same here. The login free version would be great.

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AFAICS login is required only to download presets and wavetables. You can use it without logging in – just click outside the login box (but, without wavetables, it’s a bit boring).

Eagerly anticipating the separate download for the content.


have astril switched to Stealth VPN and i could log in

thats awesome let me try thx a ton mate!!!

hello, whats the word on that update please?

If you go to you can now download and install preset packs.
Also, if you’re on the most recent version of Vital there’s also a “Work Offline” option so Vital won’t ask you to login.

As for the actual login error, I’m still looking into this but it’s been hard to track down the issue.

The same problem here, from China. Cannot login or register without VPN. And install the Factory preset is inconvenient.