Vital presets don't load

Hello. I can’t load presets into Vital. Any help welcomed.

Can you give a bit more detail please.

Vital comes with presets (whichever “version” you get). Are you saying you don’t have any presets to load at all? Is this from within your DAW or running standalone?

Or, is the issue that you’ve got some vital presets from elsewhere, and you can’t load them into vital?

If you have a bank of vital presets as a .vitalbank file, then these load via the ☰ (menu) option, “Import Bank”.

If you have individual presets as .vital files, then you can load these individually via the the ☰ (menu) option, “Open External Preset”. If you want to next time access this preset from vital’s preset browser, you will need to save the preset into a folder from within Vital.

With individual preset files, it can be easier to just copy the files into the appropriate folder on your computer. The folder location can vary depending on OS, etc. To find the folder, within vital open the preset browser, and right click on any preset and select “open file location”. This will show the where on your computer vital presets are stored. You could create a folder here for your presets or add them to …/User/Presets. If you want to create your own folder, create it within the existing “Vital” folder, and then within your new folder create a subfolder called “Presets”. Your .vital files should go in this subfolder.

I just don’t seem to have any presets at all, both in the daw and in the stand-alone version.

Ok. Try logging out and logging back in (using the standalone version) via the menu in vital.
If that doesn’t work report back with details of your OS. Someone with relevant knowledge might then be able to help.

It works! I did import banks and it worked. Thanks. Although I don’t seem to have 400 presets, far from it.

If you go to you should see everything you are entitled to based on your type of account. If you spot something you can’t see on your pc, you can download and import manually.

It’s 400+ presets if you bought the Pro version. I don’t see a payment on this account, did you buy it on a different account?