Vital Preset Demos

It would be a cool addition if users could add in a quick 5-10 note demo of their preset into the .vital file,
looking something like this: "demo":{"C4","B4","E4","D3","F3"}
You could edit the demo notes somewhere in the advanced tab

The demo would play when you are going through the preset browser and clicking on different patches. There would also be a checkbox at the top to disable this.

But why?

  1. It gives users a chance to show where and how their preset works when sharing .vitalbanks
  2. It can make preset selection faster, easier, and less frustrating
  3. It would be a pretty unique feature that not a lot of, if any, synths have

Interesting idea. I think you need to take it a little further - you will need note timings and the capability to play multiple notes at once (a lot of my presets are intended for rhythmic chords, got example).

At that point, you should probably just embed a MIDI clip…