Vital Plus not installing over Free Win 10

Hi I installed and used the free version in the first week it was released. Now i just bought the plus version and upon installing the next message appears in windows 10:

Select action. programfiles / common files/ vst3 / vital.vst3

an error occurred while trying to replace the existing file: DeleteFile failed; code 5.access is denied.

try again, skip this file (not recommended, cancel installation.

also when running the installer as administrator this happens.

Please advice

I stand corrected. I was installing while Cubase was open. It works when my DAW is closed, including the downloading and installing of the extra content.

by the way: i was just reminded by Chrome that my password on this site was hacked, 6 days ago, changed it, took only 1 minute, now Chrome reports that there are in my case no hacked pw’s anymore.